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Good Kid

I’ve been a good kid the last few days. Mostly. Gave three talks in two days – to lovely crowds in Phoenix  (their WPO) and Orlando  with a “red eye” in between. Went to hotel gyms to work out (very elegant at Fairrmont in Scottsdale) even though I mostly felt like lying around and scratching my bottom.  And when I finally got home yesterday, by heaven, Hilly and I went  to a spin class. Talk about your heroes! SO proud of the old self. Such a good kid.

HOWEVER, full disclosure reveals an old and  dreadful flaw: it is SO easy to feel you deserve some disgusting treat after you’ve pushed really hard. Here’s what happened.

Orlando is not much of a food town. But darned if they didn’t have an outpost of the ancient Palm restaurant, from NewYork. I have been sneaking off  to the Palm (usually alone) for a long, shameful time and it is one of my favorite, secret vices.  So it was in Orlando. I took an expensive limo to the Palm and calmly ordered a martini, an IPA beer (simultaneous, please) and a three-pound lobster. Also some heavenly onion rings and a salad. Before I was done, I had eaten and drunk all of that and  had another beer and another half a martini …more than enough to make a person my age borderline-drunk. WHAT a pleasure. HOW I loved it. Had desert, too, like a little piggy.

Well, there you go. And perhaps the worst thing is that I am not even contrite, really. I have come to believe that – for a person of my uneven temperament – falling apart once in a while is  just part of life. Rather a nice part, to tell the truth.  I’m not a good kid after all. Such a relief. Sigh.

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  1. I love exercise, but the last few years only when I exercise or even walk I get mild jaw pain like a vise pushing in. It stops when I stop exercising or walking. I have done all the medical tests. I do not agree the it is angina that some doctors think. Do you know of anyone who has these symptoms? If I get back to regular exercise it minimize the jaw pain.

    • administrator

      Dear Marc,
      This really is a question for a doctor and we cannot dispense medical advice here. Seems as though you should get another opinion before committing to vigorous exercise. All the best, Chris
      ps I have forwarded this to Bill Fabrocini in case he has heard of another case like yours. If he has he’ll weigh in. Otherwise not.

  2. Pat Taylor

    A 72 year old cycling friend sent me your Amazon book links recently and I’ve finished both “Younger & Thinner”, which are truly inspirational. Bought an indoor bicycle exercise stand (watch FBN as I pedal) and just bought a Wintech 21 this past weekend from Row2K classifieds to get me back out on the water in Spring. You’ve validated my two favorite exercise choices and I’m looking forward to being in far better shape by my 73rd birthday end of April.

    PS: My ex-M-in-law was once The Palm, Manhattan’s, bookkeeper! I sympathize.

  3. Rich Miller

    As a nascent acolyte to the YNY approach to living, I like to think that I will be “purchasing” such an extravaganza in the future by following the tenets of YNY – a good use of of my “healthy karma” reserves, if you ask me. Life has so many wonderful things to offer …

  4. Holly VanLeuven

    Now there is the Cousin Chris I know and love!

  5. Joe horan

    Well its nice to have true confessions out in the open. We have been reworking the program since the new year …no alcohol low carb no sugar lean protein and back to the gym more regularly, managed to lose some weight despite eating out 3 nights in a row this week. But you are right really feeling like i need a quick break. Chocolate is calling me as are the various beverages at the bar. Long weekend ahead with family and freinds in the north country! Lets hope for the best ,

  6. Thanks for posting this! I had a similar experience yesterday in NYC. Lunch was a big burger, big fries, and big “craft” beer. I’ve been so good with my exercise routine and healthier eating. I also discovered that beer at lunch leads to splurging in boutique skin care stores with my daughter. But today I’m back on track with strength training and good food and a budget.

    It’s important to keep perspective that “sh… happens” and not take it as an excuse to start sliding down the slippery slope to slugdom. Thanks again for sharing your story. (My daughter has been trying for years to get me to take her to one of the Palm restaurants for a big steak.)

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