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Letter From Joe

Joe Conason’s lovely letter to his followers (below) tells why we are together  in our great new adventure, THE YNY NEWSLETTER, and why it means so much to both of us. Chris

Dear Friends,

Today, I want to discuss something that is much more personal than political – my health and yours.

Just over three years ago – on the day after Thanksgiving 2010 – I suffered a severe heart attack and almost died. I survived major emergency surgery and, after weeks in hospital, began to look toward recovery. At my age, however, the prospects for regaining a full, vigorous lifestyle seemed pretty dim. And for a man with a younger wife and six year-old twins, that was very bad news.

Over time, with the help of my family and a marvelous medical team, I made important strides forward. But it wasn’t until last spring that I found the way back to where I wanted to be – and the way forward for the rest of my life.

That was when I met Chris Crowley and discovered Younger Next Year, his million-selling bible of exercise, nutrition, and wellness that has changed the lives of so many people around the world.

Chris is an amazing man, in his 80th year yet as fit and energetic as someone 20 or even 30 years younger. Every week he is invited to speak at major organizations around the country, from top corporation to all the generals in the United States Marine Corp. (Don’t tell anybody, but he’s also super-smart and has good politics, too.)

Inspired by Chris and his work, I changed my exercise and eating habits and started to see the beneficial effects almost immediatelyI lost weight, got stronger, felt happier – and soon looked better too. Rooted in real medicine, psychology, and physiology, his techniques are incredibly effective – as I realized last August when I got back on the tennis court and played stronger, faster, and harder than ever.

It isn’t magic. It doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a real commitment. It’s not a walk on the beach but as you’ll learn, it’s not that hard either. It’s kind of fun, to tell the truth.

And if you want to be healthier, stronger, and happier – to avoid debilitating disease and obesity while staving off all the direst effects of aging – then Chris Crowley can show you how, just as he did for me.

To that purpose, Chris and I have launched a new monthly newsletter, Younger Next Year – and why we’re offering subscriptions at a substantial discount to readers of The National Memo.

Click here to get your personal copy of the Younger Next Year newsletter.

Every month Chris and his team – including Tufts nutritionist Jen Sacheck and Olympic trainer Bill Fabrocini – will bring you copious, tested, truly useful information about behavioral change, exercise, nutrition, and commitment – and they promise never to bore you.


Joe Conason
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    I ordered my subscription and I’m super pumped. Thanks.

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