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We had a couple of nifty comments this morning about gyms, from people who hated the idea of joining them and now rejoice. LOOK AT THE COMMENTS…it’ll clarify stuff for you. Gyms work!

I fully understand – and sympathize with – the reluctance to join the gym. Only 14% of Americans belong to gyms and there’s a reason for that. They feel that the gym is a hostile environment…full of buffed, haughty, young gym rats who will hold them in contempt, ya da, ya da, ya da. And that they will look and feel foolish. Perfectly reasonable. BUT IT DOES NOT MATTER. First, most people in gyms are completely heedless of “strangers” in their midst. Second, you need the gym so desparately, it would be worth if to face – and shrug off – real scorn, even if there were some. Look, you need the place to go to WORK. You need the CLASSES! It is so much easier to keep this up – and to go for it – if you have a class.

A huge percentage of my friends resist me on this and it is hugely difficlut to persuade them. But listen to the people who have given it a real try. It is an enormous help, on the long march to being….well, YOUNGER NEXT YEAR. SO DO IT.

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