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Okay, the picture of Hilary and me in today’s OPRAH MAGAZINE is a bit of a lie; it’s about five years old. But it’s still an awfully nice piece. And mostly accurate

An Aspen pal of ours, LOIS SMITH BRADY (a superb writer and the creator of the VOWS column in the N.Y. Times), wrote this article about spouses with age differences and Hilary and I qualified (this is a dirty litte secret I kept out of the books) because she is 24 years younger. As between us, she’s the real grownup, as the article says. It’s just that I’ve been a kid for a lot longer than she’s been alive.

My favorite part…this quote: “Older men married to younger women have a duty to stay in great shape so their wives won’t ever have to wipe the goo off their faces.”

Here’s another one. “I know i’m going to be dead way too soon, and it makes me sick. We are inseparable and inevitably, she’ll get left. But hey, that’s the deal.”

I confess we don’t read OPRAH every single month but this issue’s nice. And we’re grateful. Hell, we’re grateful to be alive.

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