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Probably a bit early to say but the darned old hip surgery seems to have gone very well. Turns out that there was a bit of a bump on the bone and some wear and tear on the labrum. So they buffed the bone down a bit but did not have to sew up the labrum…just trimmed it a bit. Which should make it all easier.
Went home with a bucket full of Percoset but, after the first day, did not need them. Wound looks good…no pain…gotta love that. Now I have to wait for a bit and see if it works. No therapy till they remove the stitches on 4/27. But so far I am delighted.

Deep thanks for the many kind emails and comments…I truly appreciate them. Helps it all go fast.

Next challenge: I have a talk in Regina Sasketchewan on Wednesday. A little tricky on crutches but it’ll be fine. Chris

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