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I had a major "hire-a-trainer" moment yesterday. I was at the enormous and elegant All Sport health club in Poughkeepsie N.Y. and had the good luck to have a weight session with the owner, Mike Arteaga. Mike is deep in his 50’s, in great shape and he is a superb trainer (sadly he doesn’t do it anymore but he is a major fan of the book and took me around). The contrast between Mike – a supeb trainer who has been training trainers forever- and the general run of trainers was stunning. He was SO much better. He is, increasingly, a devotee of the super-slow, low rep work out. He says – and I’m a believer – that a few super slow reps is a much quicker route to strength gain. Not necessarily the place, I assume, to start but a super place for the more experienced weight guy. Acouple of lessons: join a great gym if there’s one around. And use a great traineer if there happens to be one at your gym. And think about super slow workouts. Takes less time to do an amazing job on the muscles being addressed.

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