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Another slant on this sacred topic. I have to face my single sculling coach on the Salisbury Lake at 7 am tomorrow. Ugh. So tonight – after a 200 mile fool’s errand, driving half way to NH and back, because of some hot meeting the unspeakable Harry set up at the last minute – I went rowing at 6 pm. Soft, warm night….some wind but not bad. And – just becuase I have this training session at dawn tomorrow – I spent an hour trying to get a couple of tricky things with my stroke right. Worked hard on slowing down my "recovery".

Who gives a damn about the "stroke" or "recovery" of a so-so, 71 year old rower? Well, no one of course. But, if you get into it ….if you get a couple of people to help you out and try to get you better, even if you are ancient, YOU care. And that is a luxury and a joy.

The great trick, after 70 – maybe after 40 – is to give a damn. And one of the best things you can do to help yourself pull it off: hire a decent trainer. One who gives a damn. My rowing coach, Dick Curtis, gives a damn. My new friend and very occasional trainer, Mike Arteaga, gives a damn. What a blessing!

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