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There are joys to the “home gym” that nothing can touch. This weekend there was an ice storm in Northwest Connecticut…a thin rime of ice over everything. Got up at six (like old guys everywhere) and went out to the cow barn to put on the heat. Then some coffee and a bite and back out…still dark…mist rising off the frozen lake, trees glistening with ice. Incredibly beautiful. Then into the cozy barn…a longish warm up on the rowing machine (to the tune of early TV news about school closings and such)…then a long session aimed at legs…for the ski season.
This barn is one of the cosiest places in the Berkshires: a tear-down, rescued last year, it is 20 x 40 or so, with single sculls stored in the rafters for the winter, half a dozen weight machines…decent lighting…the TV. In general I think public gyms are best but, boy…what a treat this place is, on the morning of an ice storm.

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