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Here’s a counter-intuitive bit of advice: rather than tapering off in this hectic season, do a little more on the workout front. For a bunch of reasons, I have been doing that (going to an hour and a half lots of days…mostly because I want to do more weights for ski training). And I find I have more, not less, energy and time.
Yesterday, for example was Hilary’s birthday…we had 20 people coming for dinner and I shop, decorate and cook. Plus living my life. Well, I went to the hateful gym anyway, at 6:00 in the moring if you please. Did a spin class and then spent an hour on the weights.
After only four or five hours of sleep. Not a promising formula.
But here’s the thing: I felt a surge of energy that took me through the day…felt great the whole time and didn’t really fade until midnight when the last guests left. No ‘control group’ so dunno what would have been like without the workout, but I liked it.
In general, I have been trying to work out more – and frankly drink quite a bit less – during the holidays. Odd but it feels good C

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