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Because I am in the business, sort of, I decided to put together something of a home gym in this barn we have, up here in Lakeville. Just a couple of aerobic gadgets (a Concept II rowing machine, an elliptical machine and Harry’s cross country ski machine) and some weights. And then, because there was a deal, a leg press machine and a leg extension machine. The leg press (or quad) machine arrived last week. Very impressive looking. Weighs 1000 pounds! The extension thing only weighs 130. And then there are a few free weights.

The barn is just beginning to look as if there is an athlete in the neighborhood. There is not. Luckily it is getting very cold now, there’s no heat out there so I can get into it in detail later. In the spring, say. GOING TO THE GYM is a great idea. Having a home gym, I begin to fear, is an ego trip. A short one.

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