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We went out West to the wedding of some old pals this past weekend…lots of parties, lots of booze, lots of fun. But we also snuck in a couple of big hikes in the mountains around the town. I love to bike…row…whatever. But, Mercy!, what a joy to have a serious hill to climb. On a neat September day, when the aspen trees are turning. And there’s snow on the ground, up high. Views as magical as any in the world.

But the exercise too…there is something so special about just pounding up a mountain on your own pins. A major workout and constant challenges to balance and proprioception. A couple of hours of that stuff and you have done yourself a world of good. And all the time, you’re woofing down great gobs of Ice-Cream-for-the-Eyes. Yikes, what a break. So, if you have a chance – in this, the best season of the year – to go out the door and up a hill, grab it. With both hands. Awesome!
Next weekend, off to Putney Vermont, at the height of the leaf season, to do a single scull race. Oh boy.

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