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Last Lobsters of Summer

We had a wonderful dinner party this weekend…the sacred Good Bye to the Lobster, until next year. Not just steamed this trip…we’d had enough of that. But a terrific lobster stew, that made a lovely transition from summer to fall. Simple meal (the lobster stew, and two salads, one green and the other, great tomatoes with slices of mozzarella). Good French bread (and some amazing sourdough bread, made by a pal)…dessert. Heaven. Once you’ve cooked the ten lobbies and gotten out the meat (a huge chore leading to bloody hands) the rest is easy: cook up some new potatoes, some onion and add milk and (oddly) condensed milk and you’re off. Add Cosmos and popcorn as a lead-in and Bob’s your uncle. Gotta have popcorn. And Cosmos? Why else would they come? Lovely and lively conversation… the fall is here. Soon, by heaven, my birthday (the 16th). Hilly and I will be on Amelia Island, FL, for a talk…but we’ll celebrate. The big one is for Hilly this December (her 60th… astounding). Chris

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