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Had great fun last week, giving a talk to the Cincinatti Reds organization…as they start a wellness program. Spoke at the field which – for an old ball fan like me – was a kick. Nice people too.

Back here in “the Bubble” of Aspen, Hilary and I had a typical, wierd afternoon, cross country skiing up to The Bells (mountains). I was tryng to learn to skate ski…much more efficient and faster…and much much harder at first. But stunningly beautiful out.
Saw these things:
1) a guy on ski’s slowly pulling a child’s sled up the hill. I assumed threre was a kid inside but No….it was full of weights. He was getting in shape. 2) shortly after, Hilary looked up and here were two lunatics, skiing down a steep face, down the back of a mountain. Got bored with the trails, apparently, and were flying down the avalanche-prone back side of some terrifying mountain. It is a bubble out here and people are absoutely nuts about exercise and the outdoors. Makes me feel normal.

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