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So it’s another great day in the Rockies, yesterday, and Harry was out…and we skied with a bunch of pals. Such a joy. Harry, sadly, has become a very good skier (I used to be a hair faster but those days are gone forever) but we still ski side-by-side, happily. His brother, Fred, lives out here and is a serious, recreational skier. He led the way all day.

Nice moment: We had gotten seperated a bit and I was going down while Harry was on the lift going up. We had mostly been skiing groomers (at speed) but I found a nice stretch of deep snow in the trees and was happily going down. Harry says he saw (from the chair) this guy with his cap on backwards flying through the trees. His first thought because of the backward cap) was “rebellious kid.” Then, he says, he realized it was a “rebellious 75 year old.” Nice. Umm…this stuff works. Not perfectly and not all the time, but it works. Makes life sweet.

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