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This weekend Hilly and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary at “The Lake”… the funky, old (1909) family house on an island in Lake Winnepesauke, N.H. Such a treat. All three children came (two couples and their kids flying in from the west coast and one driving 7 hours from Maine). We had dinner for 25 … all relatives. Drinks on the 60 foot  porch with five huge pine trees growing through it.  The porch is  a couple of feet from the lake… the views are 20 miles up the lake to the mountains… perfect night… perfect sun set. Very good popcorn (my signature hors doevre).  Then dinner (semi healthy) in the even funkier dining room… all rickety, six-over-six windows from 1940, also looking up the lake. Lots of toasts… a love fest all around. One of the great blessing of our family life is that we are all nuts about one another. How lucky (and a bit rare) is that. It was simply one of the nicest nights of Hilary’s and my life.A limbic bath that lasted all weekend. Plenty of biking, rowing and sailing too.

Twenty years! Not bad. And it is literally true that the last decade (my 70″s) has been one of the two happiest of my life – and, I think, Hilly’s. (The other one was my 40’s, when I was going nuts doing law). Talk about squaring the curve of aging. It IS possible, and so worth it. Great family connection is key. It is part luck, part commitment and all worth it. Happy Anniversary!

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