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A wonderful letter!

Hello Chris…
It’s a rainy Saturday and I’m bummed because I won’t be able to ride my bike.  I thought it would be a good time to write as this month is my one-year anniversary of reading Younger Next Year.  I have read Younger twice and am currently re-reading Thinner for the second time.  I need repetition.
I am 58 years old and my life style has changed pretty dramatically.  One of the best pieces of advice you gave was to join a gym.  Nobody has an extra hour a day but I made the time.  I go every day after work.  It’s automatic at this point.  Some days are better than others but I always feel good when I leave.  My weights on the machines have gone up so I’m definitely getting stronger.  I’m at max weight (415#) on the sitting bench press.  On weekends I ride the bike or take a hard walk or something for an hour each day.  I’m going up the same hills in a higher gear and going longer without feeling wasted.  I’m eating way more fuit and vegetables every day.  That was another great piece of advice.
I was wearing 42″ waist pants a couple of years ago and was starting to buy 44″s.  Now I’m wearing 40″s and they are loose so I’m starting to buy 38″s.  My weight hasn’t changed much, I was 207# last year, got as low as 197# and am currently at 203#.  Even though my weight is about the same I’ve obviously redistributed it.  Diet and exercise.  Pretty simple.  And I feel good… better than I did before.
My friend who recommended your book in the first place died in May.  He was 60 years old and not in good shape.  He got the concept and wanted to get started but fought a battle with cancer over the last year.  He died and that sucked.  I miss him but at least he provided and still provides some extra motivation.  I want to live a healthy and meaningful life for the rest of my time.  We all have to fight aging and I’m willing to keep up the regimen in order to do that.  I have recommended your books to many of my friends but the truth is none of them have taken this up.  Oh well… I’m not stopping.
Thank you Chris.  You have truly done good.  I hope I have been able to express that.  May you live to 100.  I would like to come to that party!
Bethany, CT

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