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Dear Chris,

I have lost 50 pounds over the last 9 months by controlling my portions,
eating less “white” stuff, drinking lots of water, doing aerobic walking 30
to 60 minutes a day-“eating less, moving more and changing the way I think.”
I read your book during those months and found your concept helpful and
encouraging to me. I am 62 and look better and feel better and have more
energy than in the last 15 years. Now I want to work on strength training
to get the benefits you wrote about and to give me strength to build a house
and do some other things that will take energy and strength.

Today I read in my local paper about “super-slow weight lifting.” The
proponents claim to get the muscle burn you talk about in each muscle set in
just a couple of minutes with less stress on joints, etc. What do you know
about this approach? If the “muscle burn” is what produces the C6/C10
activity that rebuilds your body and makes you “younger next year,” would
this technique accomplish the goal with less time and side effects? The gym
that sponsors it is just a mile from my home. I have a gym at work, but the
traffic patterns (rush hour) and a recent promotion are making time in the
gym very difficult.

Thanks again for sharing your experience in improved health and ability.

Warm regards,

Ron Talcott
Tacoma WA

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