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Lovely News

LOVELY NEWS. The publisher has already  run through the first, huge printing of THINNER THIS YEAR and is printing more. Amazon was out for a short time, but that will be fixed very shortly (happy problems). AND THERE’S MORE, AS THEY SAY. WE SEEM TO BE IN THE RUNNING FOR NY TIMES BEST SELLER-DOM. Hey, may not happen. But if  you’re thinking of buying a copy of Thinner anyway, it wouldn’t hurt if you did it between now and Saturday.  Oh boy! Chris

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  1. The perfect book at the perfect time, just like the last one.

  2. Kaye Carter Gregory

    Gracious! Huge Congrats! How many copies were in that first run?

  3. Well deserved. Congratulations on your hard work.

  4. Jane Kistler

    Great news, I have both books and they both changed the way I exercise and eat! Congrats! You are ALWAYS on my best seller list! (recommendation list)

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