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Chris, I have to tell you my story. I am a family doc in a small town in western Maine. I was forced to read Younger Next Year by a patient. I am only 48 but he nagged me everywhere I went. Retaurants, grocery stores etc. I finally read it and it changed my outlook for the next ‘Half’. For the last six months I have been studying karate and exercising daily. I feel great. I have recommended the book to no less than 5 patients a day for the last 6 months. The best success story is a 72 year old diabetic hypertensive who was able to get off all rx. This last week of vacation, his grandson was up from Massachusetts. My patient asked him if he wanted to go to the gym with him. His grandson asked if they had an ‘old fart’ gym. Needless to say, grandpa out lifted him and that’s all the grandson is talking about. My daughter is 13 and I am hoping for the day she or her kids, some day, say “I can’t believe grandpa can do this!”
Kevin Finley DO

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