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Made it to Aspen a  few days ago. Planes cancelled here and there so have to drive up from Denver. A beautiful drive.  Loll for a day, hit slopes. Always terrified  that all skills will have fled…will tumble down mountain in shameful heap… pathetic old chap who ought to be watching the Olympics in darkness.

​Not a bit of it.

​Meet old ski instructor with his charges in gondola on way up… confess to vast age… admit am a little uneasy on first run. At top of mountain, as I put on skis, old instructor comes over and whispers in ear… “HERE IS THE SECRET! Don’t hold back. GO FOR IT HARD. Only way you’re going to  %$#* up is if you hold back. You are who you are: go for it.

Which I did. Muscle memory cut in, big time, and I was there!

The lesson: MUSCLE MEMORY IS VERY STRONG. If you ‘ve stayed in decent shape, muscle memory will take care of the rest. I skied about as well – or as badly – as for last 20 years. A teeny bit of grace, a turn of speed, a dance or two in the bumps. Sheer joy!

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  1. Bill Antone

    Thanks for writing the books and thanks to my doc, John Barnes, for giving me YNY six weeks ago at my annual physical. He has started giving them to all his patients with very good results. I read it in two days, joined a local gym, work out 6-7 days a week, 1-2 hours a day. I haven’t worked out in 25 years as I use to hate working out. I’m hooked on it now and the results have been wonderful – have lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks, and feel great. Went skiing last week, legs never got tired, never got winded, and skied from top to bottom 6-8 times without stopping. I have never once been able to ski without stopping to rest and catch my breath. I had basically stopped skiing but your book and my success last week has gotten me back into it. I’m visiting my son in Washington state, skiing and getting my wife into it. Park City,Utah next year.
    You will be glad to know I have bought several of your books for friends and family and they are into it also.
    I’m 64, have 12-15 more pounds to lose, and a lot more life to live. Thanks so much for the books and your inspiration.

  2. Jim Graves

    I always feel the same way at the start of the year. Some day the skills may fade but not this year. Was in Aspen in January, Val Gardena last month. I’ll be in Vail next weekend.

  3. Donna Goodwin

    You were my inspiration to go skiing after I followed your regime for 9 months to get back strength. Signed up for Spin class after reading your books. Love it!! Told my instructor my goal and darn if he did not push, encourage.. to help me reach my goal to be ready to go back out west skiing this year. Lost 25 pounds, ate less crap. Love the pre-movement exercises. They work like a charm. Due to no material left in my knee cap after tumor removal, swelling took 2 years to subside. I used your magical 25 to build back strength along with Spin and routinely used pre-movement exercises. Was able to ski every other day (darn knee swelling!) but was good on the days I did ski. I am continuing on my journey back to fitness. Yoga is next.
    Thanks for writing your books. At age 60 I am now staying up with the 20-somethings in Spin class! Still competitive? Yup.

  4. longview65

    Looking for inspiration!

  5. marty mathis

    Way to throw the throttle down Chris.

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