*turn back your biological clock


I’ll make this quick. Out in Aspen for long ski trip,

punctuated with speeches here and there. Walk out door a

week ago, fall on thick ice that covers the streets. Fall hard. Get

up, go to hill, anyway. Not sissy, after all. Hurts. Come home

after two runs. Week later, still hurts. This morning get X-rays,

MRI… and some wonderful news from wonderful Ortho doc

that might interest you.

Very serious fall, doc says… huh! He’s a little surprised.

Because the injury isn’t serious at all. Hurts but not serious.

Instead of usual thing with this fall – crashing to ground,

twisting this and that, tearing ACL and other tendons, breaking

bones – I fell straight. I only went down on one knee,. Back,

core and holds firm. Weird. And it matters, he says. Very

lucky old chap.

Not lucky, he says. Hugely important to exercise… be in

good shape. You are in wonderful shape (sigh) with strong

core, great quads and tight joints. Very good shape for anyone,

and remarkable for little old chap, like you. Or words to that


And that, my dear friends is because I am such a good kid

about this nut-case exercise regimen you (I hope) and I follow.

This would likely have been much much worse… if I didn’t do

all this tiresome crap.

Bill Fabrocini and his exercises rock. And they keep old

boys (and young ones) playing hard, all the way out. Get our

Newsletter, read the damn books, get Bill’s dvds. Go nuts and

come to our Aspen Total Immersion Weeks. Save your sweet

life. Chris


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  1. I had same experience. Fell HARD at night in our camp, tripping on a log in dark. Fell sideways, so could not break fall with hands. I thought for sure something would crack (early 70’s), bruise or whatever. Nothing happened? Next day – no pains. I knew it was the exercise that made it painless.

    But why do so few understand this truth? We are what we eat and our activity.

  2. Cynthia and Robert Tufts

    Fabulous books. The humor, honesty and clear concise nutritional education is priceless. Prevention is key. While death is inevitable, the best goal is not just to live, but to thrive and to avoid a slow death by all means possible.

    Thank you, Chris, Harry, and Jenn. May all have ears to hear and determination to put it all into daily practice.

    Cindy T.

    • Chris Crowley

      Thanks so much, Cindy. I just learned that what we’re into is called “Compression of morbidity.” Which means, you don’t go to hell until the last possible moment. Yes!

  3. Kristin Palmer

    Are you still in Aspen? We arrive this Friday and my husband and I would love to meet you–even treat you to drinks or dinner, your choice. Love your books. Feeling better every day!

  4. Hello Chris,
    I would like to sign up for your fall Total Immersion. Do I do that through your website?
    Thank you,

  5. I’m in the middle of reading “Younger” for the umpteenth time … I use it for an annual recharge … great book … I use the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Five Basic Exercises and cardio for my foundation …

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