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Okay, not too long before wind down. for the great race in Cambridge. So gotta hit it. Today got to the lake at 10….big mistake. Wind howling. Go out anyway…scare myself half to death. Row for an hour but almost tip over three times. Nasty. And cold, don’t forget. Ice on the dock, even at ten. Finally get home, panting and there is the unspeakable Harry, who seems to have just woken up.

"Sounds as if it was too windy to get much of a workout…want to go for a bike ride?" Harry and I are a teeny bit competitive, which is ridiculous since he is a) an athlete and b) 25 years younger. :"Sure," I say and off we go up this hellish hill. We are only out for an hour and I rejoice to tell you that we still bike about the same. Our percentage heart rates are within a few beats of each other. Which translates: do this stuff and you can play, seriously, with your little friends who are 25 years younger than you are.

I joke, but the fact is that it was great fun. Not the row: that was scary. The ride with Harry. Tomorrow morning, I have a date at 6:30 to go row again. We’ll see, dear.

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