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My Precious Heart

SWEET, SWEET NEWS. Went to a high-end cardiologist just now, in the wake of the bad, heart scare last week about arrhythmia and so. All set to hear that I had turned some dark corner… would have to change my exercise regimen, take pills, think about a pace maker …on and on. NOT A BIT OF IT! There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with my dear old heart. No arrhythmia, no heart disease, no blockage. No nothing! No, No, No. None of it. What I have, this brilliant man said,  was a heart pattern with “a high vagal tone, common among serious athletes.”

YES, MY LOVED ONES!  a high vegal tone, “common among serious athletes.” Like me, you know.
As I have had occasion to mention before, this darned old Younger Next Year stuff works! Like gang-busters! Could have done Ride the Rockies… anything. And Thinner will work even better. Go for it!

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Chris Crowley


  1. Chris Crowley

    Thanks, Molly. I am out the door. Every Day..with deep gratitude. C

  2. nothing’s gonna slow you down, Chris! xo

  3. What wonderful news, Chris!, You are definitely my hero and inspiration. Congratulations on the great news.

  4. Great News Chris! That wasn’t a publicity stunt to promote the new book was it? 🙂

  5. Bob Alberts

    A shout heard ’round the world. WELL DONE, PEERLESS LEADER!

  6. Bob Alberts

    A shout heard ’round the world. WELL DONE, PEERLESS LEADER!

  7. Ha! You can’t scare us!
    We knew you were A-OK!

    Good news Chris. Whew, now keep having fun!

  8. Jim Graves

    Great news Chris!

  9. Hammer on dude!
    Ran the first Breck trail run of the season and managed to beat all the runners in the 50-59 group. YNY rules!

  10. Molly H.

    Hooray! So happy to hear. Now, go for a bike ride. 🙂

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