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Burlington, Ontario

Had the nicest night, last week, in Burlington Ontario, just outside Toronto. Burlington is the “second most liveable city” in Canada, and they sure looked it. SUCH a nice bunch. SO into the subject and so happy to laugh, ask good questions and be there. It was the idea of the Mayor, a very fit guy named Rick Goldring, sponsored by another old fan, Kevin Brady. Fun.

It varies from town to town but it is a sweetly welcoming world – almost all the time – when you wander around and beat the drum for this here Revolution In Aging we’re touting.  And doing it for a living in your dotage….? How good is that!

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Chris Crowley


  1. John Freudiger

    When is the new book “Thinner Next Year” going to be available for purchase?

  2. albert maybeno

    That is great Chris.
    I communicated with Riggs in April about getting involved with Younger Next Year. We exchanged emails and talked on the phone. He asked me to contact him in early June and I did, I have had no reply. Since I am a personal trainer/lifestyle weight management coach primarily training seniors, I am in a strong position to assist Younger Next Year and after reading the book it confirms my belief about training seniors.
    Hope all is well in the land of Younger Next Year.

    Best wishes.

    Al Maybeno
    Major, US Army (Retired Reserve)
    Cerfified Fitness Trainer, ISSA
    Certified Specialist in Senior Fitness, ISSA
    Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach, ACE
    Certified Group Fitness Instructor, ACE

  3. Heather

    Laziness has taken over. How do I get my mojo back?

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