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It ‘s not a bad idea to start the New Year with a new kedge, if you have one in mind.
Mine works like this. I am going skiing for a month (hey, I’m retired) in Aspen, starting on February 1st. By that time, I want to have my legs in serious good shape (for me), my aerobics at near peak (for me) and have a touch of strength in my core…all with a view to being able to ski this year about the way I did last or even a hair better.
For me that means weights – and some skiing-directed cross-training three days a week, and more serious aerobics three or four days a week (still take a day off…just double up one day). To make it less amorphous, that means leg press and other leg stuff every other day. That’s the big one. Also deep knee bends (walking across the gym, going almost down to knee-touch at every step). That’s way hard and I hope to be able to add weights (carry em) after a bit. Right now that’s too hard…have to use ski poles to maintain balance (pathetic).
For aerobics, mean to add some hill climbing to the stationary bike, the elliptical and the Erg. Maybe try some pathetic running, but it does kill my feet. On the third hand, cross training is key for skiing.
Starting next Monday, hope to spend three weeks doing an hour and a half (just for a while) to crank it up. A plug for the handy NEW JOURNAL. I use it every day to keep track. In addition, I email a pal every day to report on myself.
Also, it would be a huge help if I could drop five or more pounds. Really hard. That’s it. Any tips?…other suggestions?

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