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Chris, So far I have given away over 25 copies of your book (YNY) and have started over 30 people rowing. When I hear a hint from someone that they are ready to change, I can’t help but give them a copy of YNY. One of my rowers has Parkinson’s and is 73. Another is a retired thoracic surgeon and is 86! He loved your book! I am an airline pilot with Delta and fly with different crews every month, so it is a perfect place to affect other’s lives. They see me exercise on every layover and that often leads to conversations about YNY. Five of the other pilots I have flown with have bought rowers. I choose my layovers in our hotels that have rowers. My standard layover is Paris where the rower overlooks the Seine. Your book changed my life and I am forever grateful to you. Thank you Chris. If you are ever in the Charleston, SC area, please let me know. Off to the gym!! Take good care and YNY! Gratefully, Chuck Hughes

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