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First visit to Montreal, my family had a store up here, over a hundred years ago. Good to be back. Better than Toronto, anyhow. Where the mayor – who could use a few hundred copies of Thinner This Year- boldly confessed to using crack cocaine. That is SO NOT Canadian!  It is also remarkable that he is so hugely fat. I had always heard that cocaine made you thin (at a slightly scary price). Even that is not working for this poor soul. Canada is reeling.

Makes you think how lucky you are: “Hey, I’m not perfect. But I am not 200 pounds overweight and I don’t  do crack cocaine.” Not bad. Not bad at all.


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Chris Crowley


  1. 61sara61

    Hi Chris! I just started reading the book today. I live very close to the beautiful city of Toronto, and the mayor has disappointed all of us, but calling somebody “hugely fat” is not nice. I wish I wouldn’t have read this blog.

  2. Well said, Chris! Rob Ford has a fitness consultant who has been banned from coaching due to steroid use.

  3. Michelle

    I agree. It is sad to witness someone self destruct. I am surprised at the harshness of the blog entry. I would have expected more empathy from a self help author.

    • administrator

      I guess I’ll stay out of Canadian politics, but I must say that a major public figure who does this stuff is not entitled to a lot of sympathy. I am sorry for the man, but not for the public figure. Chris

      • I’m with you, Chris. As a fitness trainer, I have nothing but sympathy and compassion for people trying to deal with their issues, but Rob Ford thrives on the publicity and negative image he has created and scoffs at those who have tried to urge him to seek help. He doesn’t seem to understand that his behaviour isn’t appropriate for someone in elected office.

  4. Schadenfreude is beneath you and me, Chris. The mayor needs serious support from good people. He may well be close to death.

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