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Winter starts soon up here. Still some red and bright yellow in the woods on my chilly  bike ride today, but lots of bare trees too.  And the brooks (see pic) are pretty stark. But for some reason, I find this dark November oddly appealing. Everything gets a touch more real when you’re outdoors. And SO cozy when you’re in.  Stacked a cord of firewood last weekend. Gonna have to quit biking and rowing soon… spend more time in front of the fire. And out in our super-warm barn for workouts. Until there’s enough snow on the ground to XC Ski. Oh boy. Let’s face it: life in these hills is a paradise. Lucky old us, as Hilly always says.

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Chris Crowley


  1. Phil Cantore

    It’s Dec. 9th here in CT and yesterday I went for a 12 mile bike ride in the woods. It was about 22 degrees but I still loved. Ice and snow this morning with more on the way. Time to start thinking about getting the snowshoes out. Nothing better than being outdoors!

  2. Nancy Plummer

    Rain and dark here in Oregon as well….all the Californians who just moved up here are going OMG I can’t take this ….LOL Just wish there was someplace in the winter to row….rivers are very dangerous here (as many have found out fatally…mostly due to the extreme cold) so I am starting out with the rowing machine (5 minutes maximum speed today after my 30 minutes aerobic & yoga) just wish I understood what the infomation meant LOL thanks for the inspiration glad I started 10,000 steps awhile back.

  3. marty mathis

    Outstanding Chris. Bring on Old Man Winter. Love it.

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