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Oh Sandy

Sitting up in the hills, waiting for Hurricane Sandy to land. Reminds me strongly of my youth in Marblehead, watching the hurricanes roll in from our house on the sea, happily high above the crashing rocks. Have always loved the “equinoctal gales” and other storms like this one. All that drama and beauty. Perverse, I know, but there you are. Not in New York today because it is really tough there. Not so beautiful, I’m afraid.

Went for bike rides yesterday and today, in borderline weather (dressed for it). Message: do aerobic exercise, all the time, almost no matter what. That familiar (to you) message got wonderful support in an article Harry sent me just now about men in their 80’s who were active aerobic athletes.

Here is the lovely deal:’ OCTOGENARIANS WHO SPEND A LIFETIME DOING AEROBIC EXERCISE HAVE THE AEROBIC CAPACITY OF 40-YEAR OLDS.” How wondefrul is that. And I (one of the worst athletes of my generation) am also living  proof of that  statement.  We hope to put the whole article on the site… do read it. And DO AEROBIC EXERCISE, NO MATTER WHAT! FOREVER

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