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Greetings from the International Wing of the YNY Movement. Hilary and I spent last week In Dublin, giving two talks to the Royal College of Physicians, soaking up a lot of loving attention and having a super time. Dublin is a joy, the people fun and kind  and the facilities elegant. We stayed at the Merrion Hotel, surely one of the best in the world. Were treated like movie stars at two formal dinners for 200. (Marched in to the “President’s Table” in a particular order to the kind applause of 150 docs… weird and nice. A little scary talking to docs but they ate it up. Two wonderful women – both liver specialists – said the nutrition talk (from THINNER THIS YEAR)  was the best talk they’d heard in years. Probably an excess of kindness but never mind; it felt great. The extremely kind president of the College said at dinner that I gave both  talks standing on one foot… a reference, I think, to the fact that I wear rocker bottom MBT sneaks and tend to rock around a bit. And, okay, I stand on one foot a bit when I get excited. HIGHLIGHT: we were woken at 4 a.m. Sunday morning  to get our plane to Paris where we are now. And the bar at the hotel was wide open… a dozen people (left over from Saturday night, which is quite a night in Dublin) were still having drinks. Makes you proud to be a quarter Irish. More than a quarter might be a problem.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    I am originally from New York and worked on Wall Street for several years at the now defunct Salomon Brothers. when I read your background, I immediately identified with you; your book was given to me for Christmas a few years ago; I’ve been using it as my Bible…I’ve lost 5 pounds and have 10 more to go but feel dynamite for being 67 years young. I now train horses off the race track and give them new careers as jumping horses in Atlanta, GA. Thanks for your inspiration and guidence as we go along on this road of living life to the fullest. Best regards, Betty Lynch PS Are you ever coming to Atlanta?

  2. Suzanne Manchester

    Hi Chris, I have read the beginning third of your book and now am referring friends to read it. I came to this website and would like to suggest you re-film your short inspirational video. I could not understand half of it and would really like my friends to be able to hear your message and indeed, be inspired. As a public speaker with a longer time segment and perhaps seen in person, your speech and enunciation would probably be clear enough; but to capture a wary audience I fear they would be put off by your short clip that is spoken in such a hurry. You’re an awesome inspiration to so many, please consider a more sedate pace for the sake of those virgin ears who have never met you, never heard of mit-o-chon-dri-a and need, for the sake of their life, to be won over! Thanks for helping me see the value of exercise – age 51, 5’6, 149# gardener female. I presently have no idea of my aerobic / heart rate data but I’ll be finding out. Sincerely, Suzanne Manchester LMT

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