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Took a gondola yesterday with three great women. Turns out I had taken a ride with one of them a year ago…and been blown away by them then. Wrote a blog about em and so on.

This time, even better. These three were not okay looking old girls…they were stunning. No kidding. All three of em. And then they asked me to take a couple of runs with them. WOWEE, what a trip.

Bingo Glade is NEVER open because it is so steep and narrowly forested that there’s rarely enough snow. Yesterday there was enough. And these three went POWERING through the trees…down the wildly steep hill…at speed. And graceful. And here’s the deal: all three of them are over sixty – an astonishing notion. And they’re not athletes…just three stunning women who have read the book, work out every day and are way, way younger this year. Oh boy.

Next spring they’re taking a killer kedge/bike trip in Vietnam. Wonderful company too. In the fall they go to hike in Patagonia…I may try to horn in. If I’m up to it.

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