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Harry and Laura came to Aspen late last night for a quick weekend of skiing and what a pleasure it has been.

He is an eastern skier – lots of what look to me vaguely like hockey stops – but a very pretty and powerful one. Laura, our agent and his true love, is a western skier and absolutely lovely. Happily they were both beaten up by the altitude and the trip so we only skied for a few hours but it was lovely. And, as the native, I got to lead the way. There was eight inches or more of new powder overnight – it was lucky their plane got in – and we revelled in it

Bottom line from the YNY viewpoint: Harry and Laura and Hilary are all in their mid to late 40’s, good skiers. And, yes, Virginia, we can all do just fine skiing together despite my apalling age. Because I am younger this year because of this horrendous regimen Harry has led me to. Indeed, when they are a little tired from travelling and so on….well, i have to wait a bit. Tee hee.

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