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Preparation for Movement: The Warm-Ups

Try this: Get your mitts on YNY: THE EXERCISE BOOK and do the Preparation for Movement every day. I do and it makes all the difference. I tend to race through them in ten minutes. But here is The Master, Bill Fabrocini, on the subject. ALWAYS listen to Bill.
– Chris
The DVD, Preparation for Movement, corresponds to the 16 warm-up plus additional exercises and suggestions. It breaks down each exercise in detail and demonstrates the proper technique. There is not a demonstration in how to do the 16 in ten minutes but its all about flow and I am not necessarily sure that the point is to do them in ten minutes. Personally, I am 52 years old, I find some mornings my body is really stiff and achy and I take my time running through the program. I add additional exercises and I move slowly from the ground up as demonstrated in the book and DVD. I spend 20 minutes slowly getting my body moving and I feel much better afterwards. Then I move on to strength training some days and other days I just stop and move on with my day. SOME days I feel pretty good in the morning and I indeed can flow through the warm up exercises in ten minutes although that is never my goal. I like to really take my time and prepare myself before I load my body with more resistance. If doing them all in under ten minutes is your goal (not sure why it would be) here are some suggestions:
1. Flow from one exercise to another.
2. If you find that some areas of your body don’t need particular work (for example, if your shoulders are not tight and the overhead arm exercise is easy) than you can skip it. Focus on the areas where you need the most work.
3. You can reduce the reps on some of the exercises if you choose.
4. You can alternate day to day which exercises you focus on.
Again,  can I do it all in ten minutes give or take, yes, but my objective is to prepare the body for movement. I listen to how body feels and adjust the tempo accordingly.

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