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Chris:  I have been following you since the first edition of YNY.  You have literally changed my life and I thank you for that.  Your inspirational words have me exercising at least five times a week and I have given a copy of your book to at least a dozen friends.  I also lost over 80 # over a year.  One of my favorite cardio activities now is fluid running – a pool based workout- great for people with hip and knee injuries.

I wept along with you when Henry passed away; I cut back on my beloved Manhattans when you quit; and now I am stunned to read about the accident. Your survival is truly a miracle, but likely a miracle that happened because you are not done yet with your work making us stronger and healthier, and of course, younger next year.

I look forward to your back book and know several who will benefit from it.  I hope someday to be able to attend one of your retreats.  Thank you for everything!

– YNY Fan in Oak Park, IL

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