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Retirement is scary and all that, but it does have its points, if you don’t have to drive yourself completely crazy for not being the wildly important guy you were a couple of years ago.Let yourself go, as the song says.

There are compensations. Like waking up every day for a couple of weeks on this, the loveliest lake in New Hampshire. On an island. On a huge porch on the edge of the lake. With big trees growing through it. And the grandchildren…newly arrived last night…tumblling sleepy out the door to see wha’s up.

Then out for an early row in the single scull. With the loons. And – this morning for the first time in my life – a bald eagle. With a rodent in one claw, winging low over my little boat. Retirement is scary and dangerous and all that, but, if you let yourself get into it a little, there are compensations. Okay, gotta go into town and get the Times. See what the real crazies are up to.

If you have any nice retirement stories, send ’em to me, will you?

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