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Rotten Day

I am usually Mr Sunshine about how great the weather is… or how it doesn’t really matter: just dress up and go out anyway. Not today. Today, a Sunday, is rotten and I am  going to stay home and sulk. Last night we had 14 (sic) for dinner and it was one of the best nights ever: great mix of old and new friends, young (which in our house means 40’s) and old (don’t ask)… the works. Great meal…especially the veg (carrots in ginger, French green beans cooked to perfection, huge baked potatoes and a dynamite salad). The meat – which I did not eat because I am such a whack job these days – was a “spoon roast” of beef which was shamefully undercooked, the first time around but not bad in the end. Anyhow, magical night.


Slightly ruined by two guests (young division) who told me they were going to row this morning at 7:30. That was the last thing I wanted to do, but, as ever, I took it as a challenge and laid out my cold weather rowing clothes late last night. Up at six, go to the window: grey. VEry very grey. And the temperature was 35 degrees. I sat down and emailed the young and restless and said I would not be joining them. Didn’t. And haven’t done anything else, either, except the NYTimes crossword. My achievement for the day.


Soon, son Tim arrives from Maine with the amazing granddaughters for a week with Hilly (while I wander the country speaking). Maybe Tim will drag me out to the barn to work out. I hope not.

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  1. Christine Baron

    A wonderful piece in the science section of the NYT today by a writer namned Gretchen Reynolds. Am sure you’ve seen it by now, but it practicallyl endorses your aeorobics and weights combo approach. Is there an YNY email address or is this it? I can see why you migh not want your email in the hands of too many adoring female fans.

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