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I saw my lovely skin doc yesterday and asked her – for you – why I was there.
"You are here," she said, "because you are a borderline old guy with fair skin and a decent chance of dying of skin cancer." (Oddly enough, my skin doc talks exactly the way I write.) "Skin damage which leads to cancer begins early and it is CUMULATIVE. Eighty percent of the damage occurred before you were 18, you poor dope, and it goes on. As you get older, it is really piling up AND your resistance is going down. And remember, there was no sunscreen when Boomers were in their teens, even if they use it now;’ which, of course, they do not, because they are idiots, just like you. SO, go to a skin doc at least once a year (I go three times a year). Lots of these cancers are slow growing and can be caught. IF you go to the skin doc." There…wasn’t that fun? Any war stories? Pass ’em on.

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