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Skinning Tiehack

Chris Crowley up tiehackIn Aspen, working nonstop on new book. But snuck off on Saturday to “skin” up Tiehack – a local ski mountain – on rondanee or AT skis. What a kick! An hour and a half, going up, with sticky “skins” on a pair of “Alpine Touring” skis. You can walk straight up, because of the stickies. Get an amazing lunch at the top (“Mongolian Stir Fry…” super healthy and tastes awesome, after a hike like that.). Then fasten heels down (with weird bindings) and have a normal ski down. Great exercise. My heart rate well over 80% all the way up…often in the 90’s. Serious hike and so beautiful it makes you grin! Last week, flew from here to the Florida Keys and back (in two days) to give a talk. Sweet life, kids. A little too peppy, sometimes but sweet.

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  1. Hilary Cooper

    Skinning up is great! Skiing down is tricky. Done it three times but look forward to it more and more.

  2. Skinning is fantastic! Always feels good to earn your turns!!

  3. Alana Appleby

    Hi Gail,
    My name is Alana Appleby and I work with Chris Crowley and the Younger Next Year brand. Thanks for your comment on Skinning Tiehack and your request for the motivational videos. They were added to a new Daily Motivational YouTube Channel just yesterday. Click on the YouTube icon and the top right or the page and you can view all 59!

  4. Gail Robinson

    This may be off topic, but I REALLY (!!!) miss the motivational videos from the old website. I see that your guys have just changed from http://www.youngernextyear to youngernextyear, and so I can’t view them any more. Even though they were on a loop, I watched every morning to get revved up for a day with exercise. Often when I didn’t feel like getting out there, the motivational 20-30 second pep talk was just what needed to get out the front door and get in my 45 minutes of cardio. Please, please bring it back!!! (I really liked the rowing ones since I just started rowing last year–at age 68–and dearly love it. Hit a personal best in time this morning.)

    • Hilary Cooper

      Thanks so much. I love that comment, and, as you can see, have responded. In addition we will make a binch of new ones soon.
      best, Chris
      Oh and congratulations on the rowing. Such a great sport

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