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Evert McIlwain, 55

After reading “Younger Next Year” I began to realize and have a better understanding, as I mature (I like to use that term rather than old or older) as to what is happening to my body.

I began my finess adventure later in life at the age of 52. This book has helped me understand the connection of how I think, the relationships I have, my plans and endeavors I make and how they affect my physical well being. The title is exactly how I feel since I decided to take more control of my mind and body. I feel and look better than I ever have in my life.

This journey led me to compete in fitness competitions at the age of 52-how crazy is that! I am now a fitness instructor and health and wellness educator and have a specific interest in working with the mature adult. It makes it a lot easier when you’ve experienced it yourself at this age. What a great book!

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Chris Crowley


  1. Patty Berger

    Congratulations on the success of your adventure. While I have always tried to stay fit, I am now interested in becoming a fitness instructor for the mature adult. Do you have any resources you would recommend?

    • Hi Patty
      First get yourself certified as a fitness instructor. Start reviewing local gyms, their reputations and interest in working with mature adults. Read, read, read. Talk with instructors who work well with mature adults in the gym and understand their needs. Take courses that focus on the mature adult in the gym whether new at it or seasoned athletes. Listen to your clients. Listen, listen, listen! This is just a start. http://www.evertmcilwain.com.

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