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I lead a slightly odd life, but sweet. Flew to Phoenix yesterday…not exactly restful but a decent seat and not bad. Picked up and delivered to a: Ta-Dah! CASINO. HUH? Well, that’s where these folks are meeting. This has happened a couple of times and I feel like someone from outer space. Actually, I feel that all the people in the huge, garish rooms, playing cards and craps and slots are from outer space but that can’t be right because there are so many of em. Fine.

Lovely meal last night (Cajun food, of all things, brilliantly cooked and not unhealthy.) To bed at 9 local time (midnight for me). Snooze, wake up, snooze some more. Go down at 9 am to a huge, darkened room with some 250 people in it, waiting – executives of this big company, on a retreat. I get up on the blazingly lit stage (impossible to see the audience which I don’t like much , but that’s the way it is sometimes. I sing my song. Pretty good audience… laugh a lot. Clap, but no questions (always a disappointment). Then mingle and sign books and stuff. And darned if it doesn’t turn out that these people aren’t aliens at all… they’re terrific. Full of excitement about the Third Act … very loving toward me, which I appreciate a lot. All kinds of stuff. Why are they here in this whacky-garish casino? Dunno.  So I drifted off to the excellent hotel gym (met some more of my audience), had lunch and am now at the airport. Back into space. Gotta go to strange places, man, to spread this here Revolution. Like Presbyterians in China a hundred years ago.The Congo. Biloxi. Oh boy. Don’t mean to be snotty about casinos. These people are having fun and I am DEEP into fun.

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