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Kedges work!

Chris – I read both your books on a couple of recent long flights. Interestingly I had already been ‘following’ your program before I even knew about it. Last July I got a reality check when I saw my holiday photos. I had gotten out of control and was nearing 250lb. With my 50th Birthday around the corner I decided to do something about it. I signed up for a Triathlon that just happened to fall on my birthday in April. In the 9 months in between I lost over 30lbs and ended up finishing the triathlon (750m swim / 20km bike and 5km run) in a reasonable time. Your books have reinforced the message and I have now taken it to the next level by signing up for a long bike race in Nov and a 1/2 marathon in Dec. I am training daily and eating better – especially since reading Thinner…. I need to lose another 20-30lb! But like you I am not giving up my wine. Although not tonight as I have a 70k bike ride planned for tomorrow morning! Regards, Keith

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