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I know that not everyone’s tail will start to wag at this but I had the nicest workout this morning…a perfect "high endurance" spin. Got up at six and toddled off into the darkness…rain in the night so the New York streets are still glistening, it’s in the high 30’s and there’s wind. A bracing day, if you’re a bit of a nut case.

Substitute leader in spin class today and he’s excellent. Short version: got up to 70% of max, after a short warm up. Then up to 75% for a long stretch. Down to 70% and then a long stretch at 80-85%. Rest of the 45 minutes is alternations between stretches at 75% and at 80-90%. Exactly the kind of high endurance workout I wanted, after a great long and slow day the day before (an hour and 40 minutes at 60-65%). MY recovery rate getting better after the ravages of a month of travel (three times today it was 40 bpm, last one from 158 to 118 in 60 seconds). Nice. By the way, don’t go nuts if your recovery rate is not in the 40’s….I think i am blessed with better than average aerobics.

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