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This is one of the great summers of my life, I tell you. The new book is mostly done, Hilly and I and our families have nothing but time for one another, and  to work out… heaven. Meant to get up at dawn, go for a row. In fact slept till 7, then got the paper… had a rational breakfast (berries galore), did the puzzle… finally got out on the water at 9. Usually the penalty for starting so late is wind, waves and torture. Today, not a breath. Great row in the 80 degree heat… sweat pouring off. Some of it made of expensive wine from  last night. Heaven.

Here’s a little YNY/TTY point. After I”d put the boat away, I sat down on an 8″ ledge to put my sneaks on. Stood up and headed to the car. And thought, as I often do: most people my age could not do that. Could  no more stand up, unaided, from an 8″ shelf than fly around the lake. No joke… just couldn’t do it. Ever. And I don’t have to think about it. Younger this year? Nope . But alive, man, and still able to stand up in one easy motion off an 8″ shelf. Very similar to a human being. Nice.

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  1. The image of you standing up on an 8″ ledge is indelibly etched on my mind. I work in a nursing home and help people your age with abilities that are contrary to yours, and secretly think in my head, “It didn’t have to be like this.” I am 45 years old and have started being “Younger” 2 years ago, and can guarantee that I too will effortlessly stand up on an 8″ ledge in 30 years! Thanks for your book and showing me the way!

  2. ron sweeney

    chris just saw your aspen video. i noticed the trx cables as part of the fitness regimen. last year i sent you an e-mail about this new training regimen called crossfit. i wondered what the reasoning behind going with the trx model over the crossfit model. cheers ron

  3. Diane Harvey

    Chris, Loved this post and it made me realize that joining the Beta group, reading the new book and putting YNY/TTY principles to work is one of the nicest things I could have done for myself. And a big part of that is your enthusiastic, positive blogs! So needed in this negative world and so inspiring. A big Thank You!

  4. Chris Crowley

    Thanks Kaye… hope to beat that record by a bit. But gthe style sounds right Chris

  5. Kaye Gregory

    Right you are, Chris! I’m in the Beta group for TTY, so very tickled to be & grateful for the opportunity. (I will check in with the group when time allows today – promise! It’s going great!) I stumbled on something yesterday which I’d already wanted to share with you, and reading this note of yours opened the perfect opportunity. I’m not familiar with Stephen Covey, who just passed last week (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Covey), but when I read his cause of death all I could think was “still riding his bicycle at 78!!” … ala Chris Crowley!! You keep being safe out there! Thanks so much for what you’ve done & continue to do!!

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