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The Limbic Stew

Went to a talk by a Supreme Court Justice this week…  big crowd. Superb talk. At the formal dinner afterward, I found myself at a table  with his grown children and other relatives. Turns out that I had known (as I had suspected but was not sure until then) the Justice’s younger brother (who died young) pretty well, years ago. We’d chased girls, been friends… had fun together, in pre-history. And here I was, all of a sudden with his brother (at the next table), and one of his children…a bunch of  other relatives. So I got instant access… instant intimacy with this remarkably nice family. HERE’S THE POINT, other than name-dropping.

Here was one of the most powerful men in the country and it was perfectly clear that he had this amazingly nice and very close family. They were all nuts about each other and very deep in each others lives. I sent him a note  and a book today (we’d talked some so it wasn’t outrageous) saying, among other things, that the measure of the good life may not be great achievement alone but the THICKNESS OF THE LIMBIC STEW in which you live. He had it both ways, of course. Quite a good guy. Even if he thinks corporations are people. [ I was a corporate lawyer for an awfully long time. If they were people, I’m sure I’d have noticed. Some dogs are a lot like people; I can accept that. But corporations? I’d be surprised.]


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  1. Melissa Pittz

    I came way late to the party but can’t describe how happy I was to see you’re still kicking Chris. I’m 54, OCD about aerobic exercise, plan vacations around workouts but in last 6 months, found out I have severe osteoarthritis – even dislocated my patella playing golf! who does that. since I can’t get all new bionic parts in the next months (had neck surgery in April), a friend recommended YNYFW and I am excited – stat. bike, and ellip. – do you have any suggestions – I am at level 2 minus the weight lifting which I’m adding – just can’t do lower body yet cause of injury. I’m also a UVA grad who migrated west so love your roots!!!!

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