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Talk, Talk, Talk

Been having fun giving lots of talks lately. A week ago Hilly and I went to a lovely spot called Amelia Island (a snappy Ritz resort) in Florida.
Lord knows why these things vary but they do. This one was a talk to some 300 lawyers and they were about as warm and smart an audience as I’ve ever had. That, of course, brings out the best in me and the whole thing was a joy. Wished we’d taped it. They lined up for an hour, when I was done, to get their copies of the books personalized and signed. Then Hilly and I had supper with ’em. My taste for the company of good lawyers may be more robust than yours, but this was fun.
The next day was my birthday (that’s why Hilly came). We lolled around in the dear old Ritz all day (and cavorted in the big waves on a great beach). Not bad. Next day, Hilly went home and I flew to St. Paul to do it all over again. It is surprisingly sweet for me to wander around and beat the drum for the YNY life… make ’em laugh a little, change a life here and there. Love it.  C

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