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Spoke yesterday to 85 U.S.  MARINE CORP GENERALS  AND THEIR SPOUSES   at Quantico…about YNY, THINNER and fitness, if you please! Talk about presumption. Yowie! Marine Corp Generals  are, of course, the fittest, toughest and some of the ablest men (and 3 women) in the country. I was more nervous than I’ve ever been in my life.  And, miraculously,  they and their spouses  could not have been a better audience.  Warm, interested, appreciative. Makes sense in a way:  if anyone understands fitness – warrior fitness in their case – it is the people who head the Marine Corp. Wonderful event. I spent some time with them and I cannot convey how awed I was by their intensity, commitment and raw ability. These people CARE. Make no mistake: Marine Corp generals are different from you and me. But they could not have been more generous… or laughed more. Turned from being super scary to being great fun. And the  Commandant’s wife, Bonnie Amos,  is a four star treat in her own right.  The country gets a two-fer with those two, believe me.

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  1. Very encouraging to know the attitude of our military leaders. We are the greatest nation still.Thanks for your involvement.

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