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I just finished reading “THE BOOK” for a second time and I got ten times more power from it than when I read it two years ago. In the last two years I have given away 22 copies to friends including one to my 37 year old attending physician (cute as hell) to try and pull her 65 year old father out of his decaying state of health. I turned my life around when my cutie physician told me I was headed down a destructive path. I then read the wisdom put forth by you and Harry. My next physical blew her away. I am 74 and in better shape than when I was 50, I also lived in Aspen being a ski bum after retiring at the same time you did. I now ski 80 days a season and hike Smuggler regularly where I am one of the older guys on the trail with my dog Thanks so very much. Hope to see you in the bar at the Little Nel so I can thank you properly.

Jack Stanford, Aspen

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