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Welcome to THE STORE. Not the biggest store in the world, I’m afraid… we start with a tiny handful of items … but we love the idea, Hilly and I. My family had a department store, north of Boston, for a hundred years.   Great Grandmother (Bigelow) came down to Salem from tiny Stowe, Vermont, met Great Grandfather (Almy) in 1854. Their store, Almy, Bigelow & Washburn,  put everyone through college until about ten years ago. And now, by heaven, we’re back, Hilly and I, with this swell place. It’s in the blood, man. Take a look around. Won’t take long. Chris and Hilary.


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Chris Crowley


  1. Chris Crowley

    Great idea. Thanks for this input. Important as we get going.

  2. Yay! Looks great!
    Look out . . . we’ll have lots of requests,
    like, some dry-fit type shirts for running and biking
    and how about some shorts with ball-pockets big enough for a tennis ball or a Pickleball! <—NO ONE makes them.
    Thanks Hilary and Chris!

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