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A Small Age Difference

Nice bike ride today, with a beautiful writer/pal, just turning 30. Alas, she is also a serious tri-athlete. What to do? Well, we biked along together for 10 miles, taking it easy… chatting and so on. then – when the rest of the route was clear and easy fir her to follow – I begged her to hit it for the second 10 miles… and she took off, more or less. POINT? A) When you’re 78 you’re not 30. Seems clear. BUT, point B) I wouldn’t have been able to stay with her if we were both 30 and, point C) we are still members of the same species and can bike together, ski together and so on. Some gaps open up, but Hey! What did you expect. You are still doing stuff at a plausible clip Same bikes, same stunning countryside… Same life. Holds my attention.

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Chris Crowley


  1. Dick Shores

    I am about to turn 70 and in my 4th career, I am the Director of Golf at a major golf course, I can’t tell you how dissapointed I am to see so many unfit people out there playinjg the game at 30-70 years old and don’t seem to get it. I keep telling them about my experiences with Younger Next Year and its like talking to a wall. Good on all of you who get it!!!

  2. Mike Gnadt

    Hi Chris: I’m a 78 year old skier, tennis player and now a regular 4 mile power walker six days a week. Your book has given me a new and optimistic perspective on living. I especially identified with the part about connecting with the pack. I have been doing this for years not knowing how vital it was to my mental and physical health. Good on ya!

  3. Sam Hayes

    The Maroon Bells park area….fantastic views, and what a great uphill ride out of Aspen! We took the tourist bus last year and the tour guide pointed out the cyclists huffing up that road. He identified them as “Homo Sapien Masachistis”, a common species in Colorado. I vowed then and there to bike that road someday. Hope to make that someday come soon!

  4. We too, are 59 and 51 this year. So easy to slack off with grandkids, friends, work, business. THe past coule of years we’ve been letting those things take our time, and seriously need to refocus and give our time to us first. thanks

  5. Love your words of encouragement, Chris! I just re-tweeted your article to our Twitter page @yscnetwork ~ I am that 31-year old now, and find it very encouraging that several people twice my age are currently in better shape than I am! I am very active, but have less time to do some of the physical activities I admire… but there is no doubt I’ll be doing aqua aerobics and karate till the day I die!

  6. Lana Saunders

    I read YNY last Oct and it has really changed MY life. The daily exercise that I do in the am has made me less stiff and achy and has given me more energy. I do 1/2 hour of elyptical or 1/2 hour or more of weight lifting ( every 3 days)..I just biked across PEI ( in 6 days) 273 kms…. Loved it!!!!!

  7. Hi Chris,
    Half way through “Younger Next Year” as is my girlfriend Lori. I’m 60 and Lori is 52. We’re active in running and cycling and very much enjoying the book. Out for a ride yesterday…nothing serious but half way up a hill I had that old demon saying, “slack off you’ll be OK” and then on my other shoulder you were giving me hell for even thinking of slacking off. Anyway,I kicked it to the top of the hill thanking you profusely…hurting, but grateful.Thanks Chris..to you and Doc Lodge !

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