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There apparently is a very fancy health club in Concord, outside Boston, called the Thoreau Club. What Henry T. himself would have made of health clubs, I have no idea, but this one is a beaut. Among the things that I like about it are the facts that a) they have bought A THOUSAND COPIES of our books and b) they have lined up an audience of 250 for a talk I am giving there on Thursday, more of less on the eve of the Head of the Charles, on Sunday. That’s all the room holds so don’t come around, trying to sneak in, you rascal.

I have talked to groups this size before and even larger. And in the early stages of the first book tour, I talked to a crowd of three. (It later swelled to five; nice people too. We had a nice time.) But, if you are a bit of a nut case – as I am – about spreading the Revolution in Aging, talking to a crowd this big is a great joy.

As to the HOCR, I am in the blissful "wiinding down" phase; the hard work is over until Sunday at 8 in the morning. Come on down to the river if you’re around. I start last for the very good reason that I am the worst of the class (No. 30 out of 30) but absolutely honored to be in the damn race at all. And if I should happen to beat a couple of geezers….Hey! So come on down and yell my name….the boat is yellow, like the book and is named Younger Next Year (surprise). If I am passing someone, yell stuff like, "Go Chris!" or "Beat the old fool like a drum." This is a WASPY sport….it could use a touch of that. Just kidding.

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